Registration is free. Simply download the app and click on sign up.
Either contact us through our website or through the app.
Simply by going to profile and double tapping on each item. Once happy click ‘done’.
To change your password or personal details please go to settings.
Site Administrator has to approve all changes and any edits made to a member profile before the new information can be published. When you edit your profile text, change password, change email address, add or delete pictures, the changes go into “pending review” status. This alerts site Administrator to review the changes. Once the changes are approved, then the new information replaces the old information. Your existing profile remains visible with the existing information until the new information is reviewed, approved, and then the new replaces the old.
Yes, to use the app it is free however if you require an additional features there is a subscription available
You can hide your profile in settings by clicking hide profile. Please note you must be a subscriber to use this option.
Only once you have made a match you can send messages. For the protection of users you cannot send messages to users without first of all becoming their match.
You can also view your received messages by clicking ‘My Inbox’ in the COMMUNICATIONS panel located on the left of every page. This will take you to your message inbox where you can view, reply to, and delete your messages.
From My Message Inbox page, click on the ‘message preview’ part of the email you received. The message in its entirety will appear at the bottom of the page. You can reply by clicking the ‘reply’ link on the incoming email body.
To delete your profile go to settings an ‘delete profile.
To cancel your subscription please contact us to the ‘Contact Us’ link in settings or via our website
Cancellation of your paid subscription is 100% YOUR RESPONSIBILITY and any requests must be received 5 days in advance.